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Social Media and HIPAA Compliance: Balancing Benefits and Risks 

Social Media and HIPAA Compliance
Balancing Benefits and Risks

Social Media and HIPAA Compliance: Balancing Benefits and RisksApprehensions are revolving around the use of social media in the healthcare industry. This "Era of Social Media" brings healthcare professionals at crossroads and forces them to ponder about ways to leverage the social media platform without violating HIPAA regulations. The effectiveness and threats of using social media in the health care industry is currently under debate.

Compliance Today, a leading publication of the Health Care Compliance Association, published this article on the topic "Social Media and HIPAA Compliance: Balancing Benefits and Risks" co-authored between Jim Sheldon-Dean, Director, Lewis Creek Systems and Vidya Phalke, PhD, CTO at MetricStream Inc. Key takeaways from this article for healthcare providers and payers are:

  • Ensuring social media programs and HIPAA compliance practices converge.
  • Balancing the benefits and risks of social media with proper oversight of HIPAA violations.
  • Implementing a risk-based approach for effective social media governance.
  • Strengthening credibility with robust social media policies and controls.