Eluding Operational Failures – Qatar Islamic Bank Success Story

Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 | Time: 3 pm Qatar Time | 1 pm GMT


Moataz El Kasaby
AGM, Head of Operational Risk Management Division (ORMD)
Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB)

Subharun Mukherjee
Director - Industry Marketing

Operational Risk Management (ORM) frameworks are constantly evolving in banks and financial institutions due to changing market conditions, new regulatory requirements, dynamic business environment, and technological advancements. It has become imperative to address the operational risks at an enterprise level, which are closely aligned to the business objectives of the organization. Join us for this webinar, where Moataz Elkasaby, ORM head at Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB), a leading Islamic Bank in Middle East, shares his experience on adopting a robust technology framework in strengthening their ORM program.

The key discussion points will include:

  • Identifying and managing operational risks at an enterprise level
  • Common challenges faced in implementing a mature ORM program
  • Adopting a technology framework to automate the ORM workflows
  • Gaining valuable and actionable risk insights to strengthen decision making