Best Practices for Selecting, Harmonizing & Using Cyber Risk Frameworks

Date: Wednesday, Nov 2, 2022 | Time: 2:30 pm UAE | 4:00 pm IST


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Agnishwar Banerjee
Product Marketing, MetricStream

Cybersecurity frameworks are essential to ensuring the overall security, risk management, compliance, and resilience of an organisation. While cybersecurity professionals understand the value of these frameworks, choosing one or more can feel overwhelming and even daunting. You know you need to put something formal in place but might not be sure which framework(s) to consider (or legally need to adhere to), and more importantly, to align with your organisation’s business needs and objectives.

Whether you are a seasoned cyber leader or new to frameworks, some questions that regularly pop up are

  • Should we choose a general one, an industry-focused one, or both?
  • Do we need to review/change our security framework?
  • How do we understand the specifics of a framework?
  • Do we need to implement all the controls?
  • How should we manage duplication or overlaps

Join us for this webinar where we will address these questions, in addition to:

    • Overview of the various types of control frameworks
    • Choosing the appropriate framework(s) for your organization – off-the-shelf, bespoke or hybrid
    • Assessing the specific controls required
    • Harmonizing the controls across the various frameworks being implemented
    • How a CyberGRC approach can help

We look forward to welcoming you to this interactive session. Register today – there is no charge for this session but space is limited!

Please bring your questions! We look forward to an informative, engaging, and interactive session.

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