CRQ 101 – Fundamentals of Cyber Risk Quantification

Date: Tuesday, Oct 25, 2022 | Time: 03:00 pm CEST | 02:00 pm BST


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Christophe Foret
Co-Founder, C-Risk


Agnishwar Banerjee
Product Marketing, MetricStream

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Prioritizing and communicating cyber risk exposure is one of the biggest challenges faced by CISOs and cyber leaders.

One way that’s quickly gaining popularity is cyber risk quantification (CRQ.) CRQ can help organizations analyze and express cyber risk exposure in monetary terms so that they can get a view of where the risk lies, find risk hot spots, justify cyber investments, and communicate risk exposure to the board.
But how does it all work? And how to get started?

Join MetricStream and cyber risk quantification specialists C-Risk for an expert webinar to go behind the scenes with a focused how-to on cyber quantification. This session will discuss:

  • The basic principles of CRQ, including the FAIR® taxonomy and analysis
  • Limitations of current qualitative approaches
  • Specific steps for adopting CRQ and best practices

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