Cyber Risk Management for Energy Companies


The energy industry has been dealing with increasing cyber risk—from the growing number of cyberattacks to the multiple vulnerabilities related to their IT systems, operational technology (OT) infrastructure, and supply chain partners. Of the 45 cybersecurity incidents that have targeted the energy industry since 2017, 13 of them had taken place by July 2022, the highest annual level over the last six years. The primary targets of these cyber threats were oil assets and infrastructure, accounting for one-third of all incidents followed closely by electricity networks, with over a quarter of the recorded cyberattacks.

In this eBook, we dive into the unique complexities faced by the industry that make managing cyber risk challenging and explore why a connected strategy to address cyber risk is more effectual. It also provides 10 key steps that you can use to shift from a conventional approach to a connected cyber risk strategy.


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