ESG Buyer’s Guide 2024

Find the Right Solution for Evolving Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Requirements


Modern enterprises operate in a market disrupted by accelerating climate change, growing inequality, pollution, and conflict. Concerted action to address these challenges is now more critical than ever before. While global leaders have declared their intent to tackle issues like climate change, there is now increasing demand for enterprises to do their part in meeting emission reduction targets, ensuring equality in the workplace and following through on the promise of corporate governance. Key stakeholders including customers, investors, and regulators are demanding greater action and accountability, and the consequences of failing to do so are severe. Organizations are realizing the opportunities for human error and slow time to value with a lack of automation in their ESG processes.

This guide has been designed for an organization to understand the significance of ESG, know more about ESG requirements, and learn how to choose a software that aligns to your organization’s ESG goals and aspirations.


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