State of Internal Audit Survey Report 2021

A Crisis Like No Other: How COVID-19 is Transforming Internal Auditing


Emerging as a health calamity, the pandemic snowballed into a global crisis like never before. With heightened volume and velocity of risks, it expanded the audit oversight. Fewer resources, lesser budgets, emerging risks and changing business priorities have all created a disbalanced equation for Internal Auditors. Travel restrictions and remote working models are pushing audit teams to rethink how they can be productive, and deliver value even while working from home. Analytics and automated solutions are no longer just nice-to-haves, but essentials. Agility and nimbleness have become crucial audit traits.

With an objective to understand how prepared internal auditors are to help their organizations recover from the ongoing crisis, MetricStream conducted a survey on internal auditors from across industries and countries. The survey emphasizes on top internal audit challenges, impact on the team, future investments and how are they adapting to crisis.