Is Risk Quantification the Holy Grail?

Date: Wednesday, June 22, 2022 | Time: 11:00 am ET | 08:00 am PT | 5 pm CEST | 4 pm BST


Soubhagya Parija

Soubhagya Parija
Chief Risk Officer, FirstEnergy

Chris Mandel

Christopher E. Mandel
President and Managing Consultant, Excellence in Risk Management, LLC

Sumith Sagar

Sumith Sagar
Product Marketing, Business GRC, MetricStream

Non-financial risk has traditionally been measured in more qualitative terms, often as red/yellow/green heat maps or high/medium/low ratings, often poorly defined, leaving interpretative reliability low. On the other hand, quantifying risk in meaningful terms and aligning risk metrics with performance metrics not only helps get better perspectives on the risk landscape but also strengthens CROs’ role in helping companies make effective strategic and operational business decisions.

Companies today need a risk management strategy that is measurable, agile, and aligned to business objectives. A well-crafted risk strategy enriched by accurate and reliable data from a suitable measurement approach and empowered by the right tools and technology can help CROs effectively manage risk exposures with a focus on achieving defined goals both short and long term.

Join the webinar where our experts discuss:

  • Are heatmaps and qualitative assessments of risk obsolete?
  • Does risk quantification address all the shortcomings of the qualitative approach?
  • Adopting risk strategies that best suits your organization
  • Enabling reliable risk measurement and reporting with advanced technology

Please bring your questions! We look forward to an informative, engaging, and interactive session.

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