Strengthen Visibility of Interconnected Risks with Integrated Risk Management

Learnings from SolarWinds Hack: Protecting Your Business from Third and Fourth-party Risks

Date: Wednesday, March 24, 2021 | Time: 8 am PDT | 11 am EDT



Linda Tuck Chapman
Third Party Risk Institute Ltd.


Nanda Ramanujam
AVP, GRC Solutions

The SolarWinds hack is a recent and significant example of the damage that can be caused by a third-party risk event and how organizations need to be extremely vigilant about the threats that lurk deep within the third-party/vendor ecosystem. Although, this type of attack is not unknown, it falls under the category of one of the hardest types of risks to thwart as it exploits trusted relationships between vendors, customers, and machine-to-machine communication channels. Unfortunately, most organizations are not prepared for this kind of a software supply chain attack. In order to safeguard their business operations, it is now imperative for CSOs, CISO's, CROs, and the board to think beyond compliance checklists and define proactive measures when it comes to managing third-parties.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How the SolarWinds hack unfolded
  • The effect of the attack on organizations
  • How to combat such types of attacks from a risk management perspective
  • Compliance is not the only driver behind the third-party risk management framework
  • Technology as an enabler to define vigilance and resilience in fighting third-party and fourth-party risks