Reduce Compliance Issues with an Integrated Approach

Mitigate Regulatory Risk with an Integrated Compliance Management Approach

Date: Thursday, February 18, 2021 | Time: 8 am PDT | 11 am EDT



Barbara Boccia
SVP Risk and Compliance
Wyndham Capital Mortgage


Shua Saaqib
Senior Manager

Given the unexpected changes across the business environment, there is a potential for a profound increase in regulatory activity and oversight at federal and state levels in 2021. Compliance leaders across industries are increasingly adopting an integrated approach to compliance risk management that minimizes the scope of potential violations. An integrated approach can help organizations gain efficiencies and reduce costs, while also strengthening the overall compliance posture and risk profile. While the precise aspects of an integrated compliance program may vary across businesses, there are some key themes that are common to all.

Join this webinar where experts will discuss key features of an integrated compliance management solution and provide expert insights on:

Key takeaways:

  • Navigating the complex regulatory landscape and staying on top of the latest regulatory alerts
  • Adopting a comprehensive risk-based approach
  • Syncing policies, procedures, and other controls with evolving regulations
  • Tracking compliance enforcement actions and litigation effectively
  • Incorporating technology to gain efficiencies and distill important data
  • Managing regulatory engagements to drive effective communications and improve results