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4 Steps to Adopt Agile Internal Audit

Stay Relevant in an Era of Changing Business Needs with Agile Audit

Learn how to balance your responsibilities, stay vigilant, engage proactively, and adapt at the speed of risk. In this eBook from MetricStream, you’ll learn practical approaches to strengthen your strategic advisory role and discover the 4 steps to inject more agility into internal auditing.


Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn.

“…Internal auditors today have the opportunity to create real business impact. The work that they do can help shape effective risk and compliance management programs, while also enabling leadership teams to be well-prepared for future challenges. As they focus on better alignment with business strategy, better quality reporting, and better agility, internal auditors can strengthen their reputation as value creators, and help their organizations move forward with confidence.

This insightful eBook is designed for internal auditors to establish a more strategic, advisory role.

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