5 Key Risk and Compliance Strategies to Navigate the Economic Uncertainties

Date: Wednesday, Mar 1, 2023 | Time: 8:00 am PT | 11:00 am ET


John Bree

John Bree
Chief Risk Officer & Chief Evangelist, Supply Wisdom

Lisa Beth

Lisa Beth Lentini Walker
Assistant General Counsel, Marqeta

Patricia McParland_200x200

Patricia McParland
AVP, Product Marketing, MetricStream

As the fear of recession is becoming stronger with rising inflation, rate hikes, unemployment, and a slowdown in growth rates across multiple economies, regulators and organizations are looking at their strategies and response mechanisms. Lessons from the past have always helped economies at large to prepare for and respond better during such crises. So, what should be your key risk and compliance priorities and strategies to confront and navigate these testing times and emerge successful? It is a time of uncertainty. But it is also the time to rethink, realign, and reboot your risk and compliance strategies in order to be resilient and thrive during such economic hurricanes.

Join the experts like John Bree, Chief Risk Officer & Chief Evangelist - Supply Wisdom and Lisa Beth Lentini Walker, CEO & Founder - Lumen Worldwide to discuss the the following: 

  • Are we heading toward a recession?
  • Lessons from the past; how is the current situation different from the past events
  • 5 key strategies risk and compliance leaders must adopt
  • How can technology enable faster deployment of these strategies and ensure success?

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