Managing the E in ESG:

The Role of Technology and Carbon Accounting in Achieving Environmental Sustainability

Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2023 | Time: 8:00 am PT | 11:00 am ET | 4:00 pm GMT


Anand Hanchinmani-1-1

Anand Hanchinamani
Senior Director Product Management, MetricStream


Hasitha Sridharan
North America Sales Lead, Greenly

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Jess Bonsall
Director of ESG, 48forty Solutions


Simrin Jhangiani
Director Product Marketing, MetricStream

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The growing call from regulators, customers, investors, and other stakeholders for sustainable business practices has put immense pressure on companies to effectively track and manage carbon emissions. To effectively tackle climate change, it is crucial to disrupt a market that is still dominated by manual or low-tech methodologies which fall short of providing accurate metrics and insights for effective decision-making.

Join us and our guest speaker, Hasitha Sridharan, from Greenly, in this webinar where she will discuss the latest trends and best practices in environmental sustainability and the importance of the "E" component in ESG.

Talking points also include:

  • The role of ESG technology in measuring, managing, and reporting your environmental impact and how it can provide insights into your energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and other environmental metrics.
  • How to leverage carbon accounting to track and report carbon emissions -- a critical step in reducing your carbon footprint
  • The importance of accurate data collection and reporting in carbon accounting
  • The benefits of leveraging ESG technology and carbon accounting, including improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, enhanced reputation, and increased stakeholder engagement

Our expert panel will share real-world examples of companies that have successfully implemented ESG technology and carbon accounting to achieve environmental sustainability. You will leave this webinar with a better understanding of how ESG technology and carbon accounting can help you manage the "E" in ESG and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to leverage ESG technology and carbon accounting to achieve environmental sustainability in your organization.

In case you’re unable to catch the live webinar, please register to receive the recording which you can watch at your convenience.