What’s Next in Cyber, Compliance, and Enterprise Risk Management?

Preview MetricStream’s Colorado Release Featuring Advanced Cyber Risk Quantification

Date: Tuesday, Jan 25, 2021 | Time: 12 pm EST



Jose Biscaya
Associate Director - Solution Consulting, MetricStream

Mike Hyler

Michael Hyler
VP, Product Management, MetricStream

Anand Hanchinmani-1

Anand Hanchinamani
Senior Director - Audit, MetricStream


Shreyank S Kamat
Associate Director, Reg Compliance, Product Management, MetricStream

Shaun WOng

Shaun Wong
Associate Vice President, ESG - Product Management, MetricStream

Patricia McParland-2

Patricia McParland
Senior Director - Product Marketing, MetricStream

As today’s risk environment continues to become increasingly fast-paced and interconnected, how are you coping with complex regulatory change? Accelerating cyber risks? Expanding third-party ecosystem? Engaging the front line and your entire organization with the need for simple, intuitive risk assessment?

Staying agile and resilient as the world continues to shift is no easy task – but MetricStream has been listening. Join us to learn about our new ground-breaking intelligence and innovations that will help you address the challenges of cyber, compliance, enterprise, and third-party risk.

Join this webinar to understand:

  • The market trends that are demanding simplicity, resilience, and insight
  • How advanced quantification can help you assess and mitigate cyber risk by expressing it in real monetary terms that your CIO, board, and C-level can all use
  • How to eliminate the complexity of regulatory compliance with new assessments and automation
  • How you can expand visibility into the risk of your extended enterprise – from third parties to fourth parties and beyond
We look forward to a lively, interactive discussion and demonstration. Register today!

In case you’re unable to catch the live webinar, please register to receive the recording which you can watch at your convenience.